General Civil Litigation

Civil matters can be complicated, and if you do not get legal advice soon enough, you could potentially be caught up in a costly legal battle. Getting sound legal advice from an experienced lawyer is in your best interests.

At The Law Firm of Charles W. Sandman, III, we handle general civil litigation and many other legal issues in New Jersey. Led by a highly experienced attorney, we have the skills to handle almost any type of general civil matter, whether it can be resolved through negotiations or in litigation.

Working With A Local Attorney

The benefit to working with our firm is that you are represented by a local attorney who has in-depth experience handling civil cases. Mr. Sandman is familiar with the area, local businesses, as well as the courts and judges in Cape May County. He is well-respected by his peers and known for taking a hands-on approach to working with his clients.

Our civil litigation practice involves issues such as:

  • Commercial transactions
  • Construction litigation
  • Construction disputes
  • Tort claims
  • Negligence actions
  • Negligent property damage issues

Civil disputes can often be resolved through negotiations. Attorney Charles Sandman, III, is an experienced negotiator with a proven track record. If your issue cannot be resolved by negotiating, Mr. Sandman is fully prepared to litigate your case. He maintains a proven track record in the courtroom for all civil matters.

Schedule Your First Meeting With Our Attorney

Please contact our team to schedule your first meeting with our lawyer by calling 609-964-4802 or by completing a short online contact form. Located in Cape May Courthouse, we handle cases throughout all areas in the county and surrounding New Jersey areas.